A Note to Gulf Coast Submitters: Check Your Spam Folders

Georgia Pearle

Apr 05, 2015

Dear Submitters,

We wanted to send a brief note out to you, those of you considering submitting, and the rest of the world:

Please keep an eye on your spam folders for decision emails from us.

When we make decisions on pieces, we communicate them to you via our submission manager, which makes it therefore an automated process.

The issue: the country's popular email providers--like Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook--filter these automated emails and redirect them to your spam folder.

In some cases, the emails are bounced back altogether.

We're working hard to get this problem resolved posthaste, and thank you a million times over for bearing with us.

HUGE apologies to all who are waiting on decision notifications, living in limbo. We know that pain, and we're doing everything to avoid leaving you in the dark.

**Please share this note on all the social media platforms, so the thousands of folks submitting may all be reached.**

Thanks for your engagement with Gulf Coast. Onward!

--The Gulf Coast Eds